kitchen set up

“Three meals a day, seven days a week, even if you love to cook, is enough to get a person down, especially if that person has anything else to do such as pick a child up from school, write a novel, have time for such necessities as shopping, to say nothing of keeping up with friends and an occasional conversation with one’s mate. Therefore it is smart to have under your belt a few really easy things that virtually cook themselves.”
–Laurie Colwin, Home Cooking, A Writer in the Kitchen

I want my family to eat well, in every sense of the word. Sometimes it’s tofu nuggets+steamed broccoli, sometimes it’s homemade pasta+three hour bolognese. 

This site is a collection of what gets us through our days.  Make-ahead vegan grain salads for frenzied work-at-home days, simple tomato sauce to throw over pasta after Little League, a seemingly bottomless pot of beef stew for a casual dinner with friends.

Or, how to disguise that $5 Costco rotisserie chicken for the third time this month.

Balancing the ketchup that the small ones dip their carrot sticks, their fish tacos, their fingers in with the leafy greenery of my best buddy kale. Their preference for sticky sweet familiarty, my preference bracing bitter nutrients.

Balancing the times your kid will give you an unprovoked hug, for no reason at all, with the times that same kid will stomp their feet as they slam their door and you out of their life. The heart-achingly sweet and the heart-crushingly bitter.

Balancing those times you feel like one bad-ass mother who is rocking this parenting thing with the times you literally hide from your kids. Because you cannot even handle your three-nager’s fit over ill-fitting sock seams or explaining one more word problem to your second grader. (Seriously Pete, get it together and figure out on your own if you have enough nickels and dimes to purchase that yo-yo.) The YOU-GO-GIRL sweet spots and the what-was-I-thinking bitter lows.

The sweet and the bitter. Each one highlighting the other, one sometimes overtaking before you can pull yourself out of the funk and reclaim equilibrium. Balance in the kitchen, balance at home. #momlife, amirite?

Did you know kids can be as unpredictable as the success rate of those random recipes you are finally tackling after eight months of sitting on your “healthy family food” Pinterest board?

Did you know that even if you meal plan, stock the fridge, and meal prep the week ahead, something will still probably go awry? 

{Did you know that it will still be ok in the end?}