Hi! I’m Meleyna. I cook a lot. I went to school for nutrition, but am mostly just interested in eating food that makes me feel good, in every sense of the word.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Salad makes me swoon. I am solidly here for the occasional Jack in the Box egg roll and always linguine with clams, but it’s a hard no on anything nacho cheese. I used to think produce snobs were obnoxious, but then I moved to California and like wow, sorry guys I get it now.

I am a Taurus sun AND moon, Cap rising, but I don’t necessarily believe in all of that, which makes me skeptical and stubborn or some something and that extremely checks out so who even knows. Mostly, I’m just a 90’s kid who mom never bought her Dunkaroos, and it shows.

My kids are 12 and seven, and they don’t get cookies and frosting as a school snack either. But it’s ok because I can pack them nori and that’s a totally ok thing these days. Not that eating seaweed on the playground in 1994 was traumatizing or anything.

This site is a collection of what gets us through our days. Make-ahead vegan grain salads for frenzied work-at-home days, dinner I can pack up for the ball field (heyyyyy #baseballmom), how to really succeed at a potluck. Or, how to disguise that $5 Costco rotisserie chicken for the third time this month.

Did you know kids can be as unpredictable as the success rate of those random recipes you are finally tackling after eight months of sitting on your “healthy family food” Pinterest board? Did you know that even if you meal plan, stock the fridge, and meal prep the week ahead, something will still probably go awry? Did you know that it will still be ok in the end?

Thanks for stopping by! I hope you’ll stick around. I heard there’ll be cookies.